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12 Years of Experience


The Supermodels Always Bring Their Flawless Festival Style to Rio

PhotoDreamZ is a Team of  Photography Passionates that represents Perfect Captures of Wedding Moments. Founded in Bangalore.

Pre-wedding shoots

A pre-wedding shoot is a ceremony that is scheduled 3-4 months before the wedding day. This shoot covers only YOU and your SOULMATE and hence allows you to capture the first memories of your beautiful new journey. This event provides you a personal time to explore yourselves and the places at the same time. In this shoot, a couple comes closer, build mutual understanding and get clicked in serene locations.

For this occasion, the couple looks for the best photographers who can understand their visions for the event. This event provides a couple an opportunity to get to know their photographers,  communicate their ideas and wishes for the actual day so they will be more comfortable spending a large portion of their wedding day with them. When a couple spent time with the photographer they become familiar with him and more comfortable in front of the camera.

We have experienced photographers who have years of experience in covering events and weddings across the cultures and regions. Our photographers can understand your wishes, and help you in gathering more informed ideas about what you want. We can provide you, photographers, as per your budget and preferred style.  You will feel comfortable with our photographers and they will not only help you in creating beautiful shots with your loved one but also help in making the event special.

Post-wedding shoots

A post-wedding shoot is a photoshoot arranged for the couple after their wedding ceremony. This shoot is important as during the wedding time couple are occupied with their traditional happenings and very tired. They don’t find time to spend closely with each other. This shoot gives the couple a breathing room to relax from chaos and capture memories that tell a story to your viewers.

There is a trend to use the candid style in the wedding where subjects are not altered and distributed for poses. This style captures the subject freely without making a couple pose traditionally.

We have an experienced team of photographers who are experts in this style and capture the fabulous moments and all expressions that add beauty to your wedding albums. Our photographers and editors will take care of every minute details including lighting, video quality, high-resolution images, sharpness, etc.

Family shoots

A family gives us identity and a sense of belonging to each other. Without family, we feel we are lost and we don’t belong. You can’t take it for granted so the best way is to capture the beautiful moments with family. When children are young, having a portrait of the family done each year is a great way of documenting the progress of each child.

Our professional and experienced photographers will help you capture the intense love of a family as well as the adorable moments when your kids are growing up.  They will take their time to compose a beautiful portrait that allows you all to feel like yourselves.

Maternity shoots

Maternity photos are all about having joy and commemorate this special time between you and your baby. Every pregnancy is different and precious in its way. Every mother wants to celebrate their pregnancy with a beautiful record of this joyous time. The best way is to hire our photographers who have years of experience photographing expecting mothers just like you.

Our professional and experienced photographers have a great idea of what you are looking for in your maternity photos and help in bringing a great idea to life to produce a result.


Completed Projects. We strive to always enrich our customers lives through high quality fashion and services.


Awards Won. We achieve this by creating an outstanding retail environment, offering unique brands and a superior customer journey.


Today, our network encompasses over 30+ destinations.


Photodreamz is a regional Photographers, with a world-class portfolio of over 70+ high-end Wedding Shoots,Corporate shoots and accessories Branding Shoots.

Service: Every customer deserves a great shopping experience, every time. Our team’s commitment to delivering the highest levels of service is what makes us distinctive.

Integrity and Trust: We are honorable and ethical in everything we do. Our reputation is built on respect for others, exemplary behavior and the trust our stakeholders place in us.

Passion for Winning: We love what we do, and want to be the best at it. We strive for success by always aiming higher – not just meeting our objectives, but exceeding expectations as well.

Our goal is to be the employer, partner and retail destination of choice in the Asia & Middle East. We will achieve this by building a creative and inclusive community with a culture of knowledge and innovation.

We will enrich our customers lives through high quality fashion and services. We strive to achieve this by creating an outstanding retail environment, offering unique brands and a superior customer journey

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